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The paper market is expected to reach 433 billion in 2017

浙江弘安纸业有限公司 1542 2018-11-15

Tissue paper is mainly used for daily hygiene of people's lives, and is one of the indispensable paper types in people's lives. The function of tissue paper products also affects people's lifestyle, product quality and affects people's health. The production and consumption of tissue paper has become one of the important indicators to measure the level of modernization and civilization of a country.

In recent years, with the sustained rapid growth of China's economy and the rapid improvement of people's living standards, the market capacity of household paper, especially high-grade household paper, has increased substantially. The annual growth rate of consumption has reached 8%. China has become a global The second largest consumer paper consumer market.

According to the statistics released in the 2013-2017 China Life Paper Industry Market Prospect and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report, in 2011, there were 1,427 enterprises in China's household paper industry (above sales income of over 20 million yuan); Revenue was 162.445 billion yuan, up 27.51% year-on-year; product sales profit was 19.573 billion yuan, up 27.51% over the previous year; total profit was 9.851 billion yuan, up 33.32% over the previous year, and 224,900 people were employed, up 13.30% year-on-year. . In the same year, there were 132 loss-making enterprises in the whole industry, with a total loss of 532 million yuan, an increase of 28.71%.

With the growth of consumer paper consumption in China, the tissue paper industry will maintain a rapid growth momentum, and high-end tissue paper and disposable hygiene products will become the consumer highlights of the tissue paper market, and the brand and quality will also become Focus on consumption, products will become more humane and personalized.

With the continuous growth of China's economy, the improvement of people's living standards, and the advancement of consumer attitudes, the market capacity of household paper, especially high-grade household paper, has increased significantly. It is expected that the sales revenue of China's household paper industry will increase year by year from 2013 to 2017. The rate will remain above 15%. By 2017, the industry sales revenue will reach 433 billion yuan, and the total profit of the industry will reach 27.5 billion yuan.

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