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Personalized printed napkins will be a huge business opportunity

浙江弘安纸业有限公司 1516 2018-11-15

Nowadays, with the increasing use of napkins, people are increasingly demanding the quality of napkins, and the color of napkins is more colorful. Advances in water-based ink technology have laid the foundation for flexographic printers to enter the napkin printing market. In South China and coastal areas of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, napkin flexographic printing has become a new investment hotspot.

In many life situations in countries such as Europe and the United States, such as family dinners, class reunions, birthday parties, wedding banquets, etc., consumers usually want to show different tastes in various details. For example, in the event, a special pattern of color printed napkins, printed with different patterns, different congratulations and poetry napkins, create a happy and warm atmosphere. Every family's kitchen is also equipped with a variety of napkins for different occasions and different purposes. Shop supermarkets are also sold, as well as design companies specializing in the design of color printed napkins.

We know that this kind of color printing napkin equipment investment is very small, a set of equipment only needs 25,000 yuan, computer type printing shop can be plated, can print a variety of colors, patterns, each napkin can also be based on customer requirements The printing shop emblem and propaganda language will improve the brand and grade of the store, and the sales will be good, and the cost will only increase by 0.00001 yuan.

However, at present, only a few foreign fast-food chain stores such as McDonald's, KFC, and Pizza Hut will have simple patterns printed on napkins, while domestic catering industry and ordinary families rarely use personalized printed napkin products. Undoubtedly, with the rapid development of China's economy, people's demand for personalized products will increase, and personalized printed napkins will be a huge business opportunity.

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