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Zhejiang Lianyang Party Branch was established

浙江弘安纸业有限公司 1595 2018-11-15

Zhejiang Lianyang Party Branch was established

On October 30, the establishment meeting of Zhejiang Lianyang Party Branch was held as scheduled. The establishment of the party branch marks the beginning of Lianyang’s scientific and development concept as a guide to give full play to the leading role of party members. And to build the core values of "integrity, innovation, efficiency, respect, responsibility", to improve the efficiency of enterprises and promote the development of enterprises.

At the establishment meeting of the party branch, Wang Xuexing, the company's vice president and party branch secretary, said: To reflect the value of the party branch, we must play the role of party members and let others realize that you are a party member and truly reflect the value of a party member. Every party member is required to perform his duties and work hard for the company's development. Only when the company develops, our branches will develop and the party members will develop.

At the meeting, the party members also collectively studied the general outline of the "Party Constitution" and issued recommendations on the work of the branch. Finally, members of the party branch took a group photo.

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